Jul 8, 2011

ما في شي ...

Bashar al Assad

Bashar al Assad

US rejects Syrian accusations about Hama violence (www.monstersandcritics.com)

Past massacre haunts Hama (gulfnews.com)

US 'dismayed' at Syria's comments on Hama visit (www.google.com)

Syrian activist in hiding, still talking (gulfnews.com)

US sends message to Syria, Congress with diplomacy (www.ajc.com)

Asma al-Assad is no reformer  (www.newstatesman.com)

Syrian regime puts boot into 'dialogue' as activists face detention (www.smh.com.au)

Thousands protest in restive city of Hama (www.bbc.co.uk)

Europeans more impatient with Bashar (english.ahram.org.eg)

For America, An Arab Winter (www.wilsonquarterly.com)

More Syria deaths as half a million flood Hama (www.google.com)

Wider access for ICRC in areas of unrest (www.icrc.org)

Foreign Diplomats at Protest`s site and Thousands Demonstrate at “No Dialogue” Friday (www.dp-news.com)

The Spring Revolution: Age Of Hope And Time For Disappointment (www.countercurrents.org)

Syria protesters pour into city (www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk)

Syria's angel of death gives insight into terror (www.guardian.co.uk)

Syrians Protest in Hama; Regime Lashes Out at U.S. (online.wsj.com)

American Support Doesn’t Taint Syrian Protests (www.commentarymagazine.com)

Why Doesn't the U.S. Do More to Back the Uprising in Syria? (www.nowlebanon.com)

Syrian Forces Storm Damascus Suburb (www.voanews.com)

Over 450,000 protesters in Hama (www.ynetnews.com)

Another deeply disappointing speech by Bashar al-Assad (globalpublicsquare.blogs.cnn.com)

Syria accuses US of meddling as ambassador visits Hama (www.telegraph.co.uk)

In Syria's Capital, Opposition Broadens Tactics (online.wsj.com)

Syria condemns US ambassador's 'provocative' visit to Hama (www.guardian.co.uk)

Protesters in Syria demonstrate against regime's dialogue process (edition.cnn.com)

Syria's 'secret doctors' risk their own lives (edition.cnn.com)

Syria accuses the United States of meddling (www.alarab.co.uk)

'Half a million' on the streets of Hama (english.aljazeera.net)

SYRIA: American envoy taunts Bashar Assad with visit to besieged Hama (latimesblogs.latimes.com)

Syrian protesters face troops in key city (www.boston.com)

US ambassador to observe Hama demonstrations (www.france24.com)

Syrian activists and security forces brace for protests (www.latimes.com)

Half a million protest against Assad in Hama, joined by US and French ambassadors (english.alarabiya.net)

Amnesty dokumentiert Verbrechen der Sicherheitskräfte (www.amnesty.ch)

Syrien wirft USA Unterstützung der Demonstranten vor (www.dw-world.de)

Sicherheitskräfte stürmen Vorort von Damaskus (www.welt.de)

Bedrängte Führung will Wahlen verschieben (www.tagesschau.de)

US-Botschafter in Syrien besucht Opposition in Hama (www.google.com)

Syrien wirft USA Destabilisierung des Landes vor (www.welt.de)

"Ich will unbedingt zurück nach Syrien" (www.zeit.de)

In Syrien droht ein Massaker (www.zdf.de)

Besuch von US-Botschafter in Hama erzürnt Syriens Regime (www.nzz.ch)

Syrien zürnt wegen US-Besuch bei Assad-Gegnern  (www.spiegel.de)

Damaskus wirft Washington Einmischung vor (www.tagesschau.de)

Türkisch-Syrische Beziehungen: Erdogans Jein zu Assad (www.alsharq.de)

Syrien wirft US-Regierung Einmischung vor (www.zeit.de)

Sicherheitskräfte stürmen Vorort von Damaskus (derstandard.at)

Syrien: Gewalt und Gewehrsalven nahe Damaskus (diepresse.com)

Parlamentswahl in Syrien wird verschoben (www.welt.de)


  1. Anonymous9/7/11

    48 years of albaath rule transformed syrian universities into disaster areas. colleges are heavily inflitrated by Mukhabarat, positions are given based on loyalty not ability,funds are stolen or not even allocated properly,research does not exist,and good qualified teachers are either depressed or out of the country,and some got even arrested for speaking out. This is the legacy of the one party rule and the Kingorepublic of 41 years of Alasad rule and 48 of albaath. Some will argue that education is mostly free in Syria,which is true,but who said that graduating tens of thousands of students without future jobs and without strong education is a function of the state? Obviously,some in Albaath leadership thought so.There was a time when it meant something to be a college student in Syria,not anymore. College students in Syria held demonstrations,debates and managed to find real jobs,but today,many are more interested in dating,signing Alasad re-election papers with their blood and looking for a quick way to get connected and join the corrupt establishment.

  2. Anonymous9/7/11

    Demonstrate against Assad in western states will murder the family back home in syria.
    "Tell the foreign dogs they should stop barking".

    As a PM in syria told the eternal Lion, he should not only rule syria, no, he is the perfect leader to rule the world.