Mar 22, 2012

Syrian Arab Republic
Communications Department
Legal Office
Number CD/M/1421
Date 2012/2/13
Highly Confidential

Mr. Minister of telecommunications and technology

After the apology of Italian company AREA on fulfilling what was left from the contract No.8 of year 2010 that was contracted to import and install a central monitoring system and after it endured the consequences of not completing the project, and in reference to the management order No. 1/1/13/395 dated 2012/2/4 from the Syrian Telecom Establishment (STE) about retrieving all remaining works related to the mentioned contract

Please inform STE to transfer all non committed funds from the total value of the funds allocated to the mentioned project, from the STE account in the Syrian commercial bank to the account of the communications department in Syrian commercial bank plus all insurance amounts related to the contract, as a contract with the Iranian side (The direct agreement) has been made to continue all remaining works of the contract in compliance with the higher orders on the subject which cited faster delivery.

With thanks to your cooperation

Major General
Head of Communications Department

Ministry of defense
Communications Department CD

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