Apr 25, 2012

Female Detainee Tells about Prison Torture in Syria

A letter written with the blood and tears of a female detainee in Syria's prison, translated by Sumayya...

We plead with the world, rescue us immediately.

How many letters have we written? Written with our groans and our tears…

We’ve sent them with the breeze, in hopes that they’d reach someone who would listen to them…

But we were unable to send our letters on paper, and so we sufficed to send our groans…

And we shrieked into the darkness of the night…

But who can hear us as we are engulfed in darkness, and our voices cannot transcend these black walls and bars of steel.

Our Lord bestowed mercy upon us, and we were able to send this letter, hoping to provide the world a glimpse of what is happening to us. We are those residing in the dungeons. We are experiencing all sorts of torture day and night. The thugs come to us in a drunken state…like savages…

If only they still tortured us the way they started off, by means of whips and electrocution. If only they let our sister catch her breath after being tortured as they robbed her of her chastity. If only we had died before we were forced to endure this and we had been forgotten…

The Virgin Mary asked for the same thing, without having undergone torture or the savageness of humankind, and in her womb she beheld a spirit from her Lord. So what should we say? What should we pray for?

We beseech the world to save us from our misery; we call with our loudest voices and with all of our wounds. With every fiber of our being we scream and cry, with every drop of blood. Every drop of sweat, every breath that we take pleads for a savior to come and rescue us.

One woman asked for this, and many men responded. Here, we are hundreds of women being oppressed by vengeful tyrants. Hundreds are being tortured. In every instant, we are killed a thousand times, and yet we do not die.

Is there no savior? Is there no savior? Is there no Muslim or Christian to save the women who are being oppressed? Oh God, to who should we direct our pleas?

We have been here for too long…for days and for months, and this time will be followed by months in which the blood of criminals will circulate in our veins and in our wombs. What should we do?

Oh Lord, no one has answered us, so be merciful upon us.

We do not want you to rescue us, but please break down the walls of our confines. Allow us to kill ourselves and kill that which lies in our bellies. We are no longer strong enough to bear that which resides inside of us. Neither day nor night can illuminate the darkness that encompasses our lives.

Oh world, wake up, you’ve been asleep for too long, you’ve been asleep for too long, and here, we know no sleep.

Oh world, wake up, one day you will stand between the hands of your Lord, and He will ask you, what did you do?!

What did you to help she whose purity was violated?

What did you do to help she who went unconscious due to electrocution?

What did you do to help she who was hung from the ceiling by her feet after her headscarf was torn off, and her clothes stripped off of her body, and was beaten with a heavy iron rod, and so she submitted her consciousness to her Lord, not knowing how many hours she remained in this state?

What did you do oh Muslims when your sister was trapped within the confines of a wheel and was whipped repeatedly, causing her blood to flow, the soles of her feet to swell, causing her to lose her senses with no one there to save her?

What did you do to help she whose husband was tortured and she pleaded with his blood and he did not respond, so she ripped her clothes off with grief.

What did you for she who was driven to the hospital as she was between life and death after she was beaten and raped by twenty-six savage predators?

What did you do? What did you do?

What will you respond? And how will you respond when you are still sleeping?

By John Mak
March 24 2012

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