Jan 6, 2013

Bitter Sweet

The humming of bullets thicken the air

Death preys on the souls of innocent men

Like a crazed grim wind it seeps everywhere

Without knocking it enters, feasts again

Our lips have been sealed but our eyes

Bleed, yearning for freedom and the right to

Speak. But those who feign deaf can’t hear the cries

For rights to the pursuit of happiness

Men flee to save their precious lives

Lost lovers shed tears of grief

Children from mothers, husbands from wives

Yielding love in hope of relief

But though their hearts choke with dismay

A rising sun brings a new day.

And when I thought I saw her disappear

She emerges from the men and children

From the darkness, a light draws close and near

She runs forth and into my arms again

Holding her tight, inhaling her sweet smell

Spinning with fair bliss, I failed to conceive

The dark speck that tore as she moaned and fell

My tears rolled, as she struggled to breathe

Blades through my heart, I watched her die

Red innocence spread out upon

Her White clothes, Black hair, Green land, my

Hands. She smiled. And then she was gone.

Justice had died, I could not pretend

But a rising sun will set in the end.

A lifeless corpse, I stand alone

A blind warrior, naked, weak

Stripped from my sanity and prone

To suffering, the days are bleak

Watching the killing of thousands

Of men, the piles of the bodies

Guiltless and pure, laid on the sand

Our homes invaded by armies

But we have committed no crime

But mourning cannot turn back time

We must be patient, though there’s no place to stay

As jannah (paradise) awaits us at the end of the day

With honour, death I shall befriend

A rising sun will set in the end.”

Syma Alam- winning entry for the poetry competition- a SOS Syria project


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