Jan 28, 2013

Jaber Al Azmeh: A Small Group of Syrians

Statement and photographic project
August 2012

Portraits of Syrians expressing their thoughts of freedom as handwritten signs on the government’s official newspaper. August 2012

Ghalia Sarakbi - Graphic designer‬
The people

Nour Murshed - Former political prisoner
Syria's freedom is no longer a dream you can throw in jails

Meyar AlRoumi - Film maker
The move will continue

Yousef Abdelké - Artist

Amer Matar - Journalist‬‬‬
The chains will brake

Mohamad AlRoumi - Photographer‬‬‬
Fake picture

Zina AlHalak - Actress

Rafia Koudmani - Galerist‬

Ahmad Fouad Najem - (Egyptian) Poet‬
Rising to the fall

Hala Omran - Actress

Louise Abdelkarim - Actress
There is no turning back

Fares AlBahra - Poet
Fuck you… fuck this life

Fares Helou - Actor

Munir AlShaarani - Artist & Calligrapher
No to the 'Baath"‬‬‬
‫Yes to democracy‬‬‬
‫No to the terror of the state‬‬‬
‫Yes to the revolution‬‬‬
Yes to the freedom
Yes to the national unity
No to the international intervention
Yes to building the future

Hassan AlSaleh - Journalist
For everything

The anonymous activists

Samar Dahdouh - Painter
The people will never fall"‬‬

Rami Al Ali - Fashion designer
"From now on we wear what we sew" ‬
Syrian proverb‬‬

Ali Kaaf - Artist

Nadine Bassimi - Mother‬
Happiness is coming to our streets and homes

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