Jan 18, 2013

The heartless troops.

Guilt ridden hearts.

Intoxicated minds.

Polluted souls.

Killed the angel of mine.

Blood stained hands.

Evil hunter eyes.

Mouths that spoke , real lies.

Killed the sweet heart of mine.

Daggers in their pockets.

Poison in their palms.

Bullets around their necks.

Planing to rid me of this spirit of mine.

Lovers by the day.

Killers by the night.

People who ruin lives.

And put you in a state of fright.

Killing , the people of mine.

Riffles by their side.

Bombs in their bags.

Shooting their seed load.

Into young women.

Trying to kill the humanity of mine.

Ruble houses crumble.

Water fountains explode.

Food becomes so scarce.

As they terrorize our home.

Trying to kill the truth t.

They came in their armor .

Looked me in the eye.

Shot my mother and father.

And my sibling who was 5.

They killed the family of mine.

They came with their guns and poison.

They , spread it through the streets.

Contaminated all the homes and all the lovely kids.

They rid us of eachother .

They rid us of our mothers.

They rid us of the food we ate.

We had no home just a broken gate.

They killed all our people.

They killed our living trees.

They killed all our hopes

and our families.

But with our souls we rose.

And worshiped our dear lord.

Because you could kill us.

But onto love we will always hold.

We are the people of Gaza

The people of Burma and Bahrain.

We are the children of syria.

Who continuesly felt pain.

We are the grandmothers of Pakistan

Afghanistan and India too.

We are the muslim ummah.

And to allah we always stay true.

So they came and gave us everything that we really wish.

I died with the shahda , singing from my lips.

I am a free soul , no longer trapped within.

I hope you suffer loads.

The troops with heartless kin.

Fatima Bazzi

(Source: if-money-did-not-exist)

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