Jan 21, 2013

The Massacre of Jobar, Homs

Homs (Jobar): Jan 20, 2013 - As I type these very words there is a massacre happening in this neighborhood. The reports trickle out video by video, photo by photo and live on the phone between soon-to-be victims and loved ones.

By the time you read this post, the massacre will have been over. Men, women and children will have been brutally killed and the whole thing will be covered live for the world to see … and do nothing about.

As of this writing there are 18 confirmed deaths.

This was the scene at a local makeshift clinic. This is one of the more horrific, disturbing and heartbreaking videos i’ve ever seen. These people are horribly injured, dying and dead … and all we do is watch them die.

You may recognize the doctor in this video, Dr. Mohammed Al Mohammed who was the face of the people in Baba Amr (neighborhood that is next to Jobar) when Assad’s forces obliterated it to the ground in February 2012 (see here and here). He was one of the only doctors to have stayed in the area when Assad’s forces besieged it. He is still there and still working. In this video below he shows us the bodies of two dead babies and a child and screams at the camera (addressed to the world) about how no one is helping. It’s the same plea he gave over and over a year ago in Baba Amr.

A doctor in this video psychologically breaks down. he can’t handle it anymore as the dead, dying and wounded keep pouring into this small, dirty and sparse makeshift clinic. In the video Dr. Mohamed grabs the distressed doctor and tells him to snap-out-of-it and start working and to leave the dying to him and focus on those that have a chance to live.

Here are the very last breaths of a child, Abdu Hamish. He is not dead yet, he’s dying a slow, painful and agonizing death and there is nothing anyone at the clinic can do for him except watch him die … actually, they don’t even have time to watch him die, they are too busy trying to save other victims. So little Abdu will be left to die in agony and all by himself. This is the fate that Assad has given our children.

Another scene from inside the ‘hospital’. The wounded are laying everywhere in this dark, freezing cold, dirty and sparse makeshift clinic.

The wounded are carried in (all children) and the adults must walk themselves down into the basement.

The attack on the town started with Assad’s MiG fighter jets dropping time-delayed parachute bombs. Residents have come to fear these new bombs as they don’t make a sound when dropped and are delayed by as much as 30 seconds. Meaning you hear the jet and once it streaks over you and you’r not dead, you think it’s ok, when all of the sudden a massive bomb glides into your home, sits there for half a minute and then blows you to pieces.

Below are some graphic photos from the local field hospital (Baba Amr Hospital) of the dead and injured …

The floor of the clinic.

His name is Abdu Hamish, he was the child from the video above taking his last breaths.

His name is Saber Hamish. He is almost 2 months old.

This is the grandfather of the baby from above, his name is Saber Hamish. His grandson was named after him.

Two injured children.

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The Syrian American Alliance - Non-profit organization in the USA that aims to build a new future for a unified, non-sectarian, democratic, and free Syria that respects due process, freedom of expression and human rights.

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