Jan 21, 2013

They Lived Together. They Died Together

Homs (City): jan 20, 2013 - These two children, a brother and sister, Maryam and Yassin Sabbagh were killed today by Assad’s forces in a shelling attack. You may remember them from a series of photos taken many months ago where they posed with used shells that were fired at them in order to raise attention to their plight.

No one listened. The siege of Homs continues and they were killed. Eventually, and for as long as the siege continues, everyone in Homs will die at the hands of Assad’s forces. You can sit there and watch it live if you like.
Here is a video showing scenes from above and includes video from when Maryam and Yassin were alive.
The series of photos I mentioned above with Maryam and Yassin …

Source: therevoltingsyrian.com

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