Feb 22, 2013


Michael taradus20:30
They flee becuse of terrorist scum like you.

Bint Al Hurriya20:37

inte majnoon

Michael taradus20:39

inta kalb lejs ma shuft sho sao embareh?

Bint Al Hurriya20:50

Bashar is a piece of shit

Michael taradus20:54


FSA is the shit and you know it dident you see what they did yesterday how many ppl they killed in their terror act?
Or are you ignoring the facts that this basterds are monsters and not freedom fighters?

Bint Al Hurriya20:58

You're as dumb as Assad ... are You Alawy?

Michael taradus21:01

So im dumb and not you who are ignoring that fact that FSA is terrorist and that they are killing my ppl like yesterday. FSA is isreal and USA slaves get it? And no im not alawy. Are you a dog or  a moron?

Bint Al Hurriya21:03

Are You from Syria?

Michael taradus21:04

Yes isent it obvious when i write the FSA is killing my ppl in my last post?

Bint Al Hurriya21:06

Who are Your people? Where do You live?

Michael taradus21:07

tell me yours and ill tell you my!

Bint Al Hurriya21:10

I'm living in Sweden

Michael taradus21:11

im guesing your a girl to and you read AB alot.

Bint Al Hurriya21:19

I feel sorry for You

Michael taradus21:20

You dont have to Syrias army will win over this cancer called FSA.

Bint Al Hurriya21:23


Michael taradus21:24

Your fellow islamist will meet their maker in hell.

Ahmed Khateeb21:26

Anyone who talk about FSA crimes is Alawi or shabbi7 ... what a fuckedup revolution ... and what a stupid racism !!

Bint Al Hurriya21:27

There's no hell, sweetheart

Michael taradus21:27

yes this is the reality we live in now days.

Bint Al Hurriya21:29

I guess You don't live in Syria right now... Michael

Michael taradus21:29

moron ppl like +Bint Al Hurriya  thinks she knows whats best for the Syrian ppl and she doesent even live in Syria she is from sweden.

Michael taradus21:30

My profile says i live on the moon.

Bint Al Hurriya21:31
I am Syrian

Bint Al Hurriya21:31

And I know people like You very well ... so brainwashed ... :-)

Michael taradus21:33
So when was the last time you where there? And you arent brainwashed? ok can you enlighten me?

Bint Al Hurriya21:32

Bint Al Hurriya21:34

It's too late for You and I don't want to waste my time :-D

Michael taradus21:35 
yea im brainwashed but you who ignore the terrorism that is happening in syria like yesterday arent? Ok funny girl.

Bint Al Hurriya21:36
You shouldn't watch too much Al Dunya TV

Michael taradus21:37 

and you shouldent read AB and watch aljeezera. they make your brain to jello.

Bint Al Hurriya21:39
Are You from Homs?

Michael taradus21:41

Not but 30% of my family lives there.

Ahmed Khateeb21:41

Same sentence Al dunya TV .. its not broadcasting on satellite since a year ... sick and tired to hear anyone from this racist opposition 

Bint Al Hurriya21:42
Your family should move to Tartous, it's save there +Michael taradus 

Michael taradus21:46

wow im geting tips of the oppostion thats new. why should they give in for bandits and murdrers. Homes is their city and home.

Bint Al Hurriya21:48
But Homs will be destroyed totally... everyone knows that...

Michael taradus21:52

They dont live inside the city. Where do you get this from. Homs wont get destroyed.

Bint Al Hurriya21:52
You'll see ;-)

Michael taradus21:53

So FSA got plans for homes now?

Bint Al Hurriya21:54

Michael taradus21:55

or who a lnusra? will they destroy the city.

Bint Al Hurriya21:56


Michael taradus21:57

What?  Im starting to think your on drugs or somthing.

Ahmed Khateeb22:00 
+Michael taradus .. stop wasting ur precious time with this mercenary

Bint Al Hurriya21:59
Donkeys like You are so hilarious ... 

Bint Al Hurriya22:00

Ya Ahmad, where are You from? Are You a Homsi too?

Michael taradus22:01

+Ahmed Khateeb  yea your right. This moron is like the other morons they can reson with out calling ppl names etc.

Bint Al Hurriya22:02
Donkey is not a name, it's an animal ... like kelb

Michael taradus22:03

She doesent even know what the oppostion flag stand for or its history.

Bint Al Hurriya22:03
Are You pissed?

Michael taradus22:04

+Bint Al Hurriya  your name should be bint al hmar

Bint Al Hurriya22:05
In Qrdaha they say the people of the ASSad family are degenerated

Michael taradus22:07

And yet they are more succesfull then any other arab leader in the world so who is degenerated again?

Bint Al Hurriya22:09
You can be degenerated AND successful at the same time obviously :-*

Bint Al Hurriya22:10
Hafez al Assad was a peasant and so are his children and his whole family

Bint Al Hurriya22:10

Everyone knows that

Michael taradus22:11

So was that a confession from you that assad family is a successfull leader?

Bint Al Hurriya22:11

Michael taradus22:11

everybody have to start some where look at muhammed and jesus etc.

Bint Al Hurriya22:13
Explain that to me

Michael taradus22:21
you confessed that he is a successfull leader. so where they am i right. and they started as peasants.  Im not trying to make a religius story here but its a parallel. You start from nothing and you work yourself up. Assad family worked them self from being peasants to successfull leaders as you have confessed to.

Bint Al Hurriya22:21
No, they ARE peasants :-D And they are quite successful dictators, just consider how many Syrians they killed ... that's really successful, you're right!

Michael taradus22:23

Doesent matter you you confessed that he is a successful leader. And the Syrian they have kiled say 80% where FSA, and the muslim brother hood who deserv to die.

Bint Al Hurriya22:25
Are You ok?

Bint Al Hurriya22:25
relax ...

Bint Al Hurriya22:25
When was the last time You went to Syria?

Michael taradus22:26

Lol you are funny when you think you can read emotion true text. It proof that you are on drugs.

Michael taradus22:27

I am in Syria al latikia.

Bint Al Hurriya22:28
So You are safe

Michael taradus22:29

yes becuse the army drove the basterds out from here for a couple of days ago.

Bint Al Hurriya22:29
Are You a soldier too?

Bint Al Hurriya22:30
Do You have enough food and oil?

Michael taradus22:31


Bint Al Hurriya22:31
But You should fight!

Bint Al Hurriya22:31
It's Your duty to fight for Assad, right?

Michael taradus22:32

yes the gov is providing us.

Michael taradus22:34

who said so was it the fantasy friend of yours that you se when you use drugs?

Bint Al Hurriya22:36
I really think You should try to get a gun somewhere and start to fight because I don't think You're a coward. You should fight for the Lion ...

Michael taradus22:38

why arent you here and defending your ancestors land?

Bint Al Hurriya22:39
You know, ASSad's soldiers are defecting, I think he may need some back-up

Bint Al Hurriya22:40
You could grab yourself a nice tank

Michael taradus22:40

they are not thats what the msn wants you to belive, I haven got any answer from you about the oppostions flag. Do you know what its stand for?

Bint Al Hurriya22:42
How old are You, sweetheart?

Michael taradus22:43

still no answer. im starting to think you are a kid on drugs who doesent know her ancestors history.

Bint Al Hurriya22:44
Tell me about my ancestors please

Michael taradus22:45

you got wikipedia be my guest start reading.

Bint Al Hurriya22:45
I thought You'd tell me. Not so smart, he?

Michael taradus22:48

So you dont want to read on your history that shows how dumb and lazy you are. I guess you are a kid on drugs. who are on the wrong side of the conflict in his home country.

Bint Al Hurriya22:51
Did You ever leave Syria?

Michael taradus22:53
yes i have been to tree continents i  have been to Tunnis,denmark,sweden,germany,france,turkey. i think thats more then you have seen of the world.

Bint Al Hurriya22:55
That's amazing

Bint Al Hurriya22:58
for a donkey

Michael taradus22:59

comes from a moron who is  on drugs and dont know what she is talking about.

Bint Al Hurriya23:02


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