Feb 22, 2013

Top 10 Amazing Syrian Tactics

10) Shoot and kill unarmed protestors who all have cameras and internet on their phones.

9) Shoot and kill unarmed mourners of the proterstors you killed, who all have twitter and facebook on their phones.

8) Shoot at more unarmed mourners and protestors, who are now growing steadily in numbers, as seen on their youtube uploads from their mobile phones.

7) Declare you will immediately strike the emergency law, and then not do it and instead kill more protestors and mourners, who at this point, are one large and growing mass of people across the country.

6) Have a parade celebrating the dictator by forcing people to rally.

5) Give a speech promising resistance to your opponents and no reforms.

4) Wait for international condemnation and then have a lower level committee announce the need to investigate reform.

3) Keep killing people who are protesting peacefully. The Syrian Army needs the training.

2) Keep blaming terrorists (who aren't on your sponsorship recipients list), Israel and the West of conspiring against you, while ignoring the public outcry of your fellow citizens.

... and the #1 Amazing Syrian Tactic is:

1) Openly kiss Iran's ass, while supporting Hizbullah, killing your own citizens and pretending to be a friend of the West, and in that way trying to cling to power using political ideology which died long ago.

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