Mar 9, 2013

Imprisoned for her statement

“Only in Syria: the thinking mind is imprisoned.”

Khetam Bneyan had chosen to speak out against the oppressive Assad regime.

“After prison in Syria, I cannot ever forget.”

Not her individual story, but the stories of those who shared her prison cell, those who have not been released, those who have not shared their stories. It’s Khetam Bneyan’s duty now, her duty to give voices to those who have no words. Her speechless friend who was ordered out of the jail cell and came back with no more than a “oh God, oh God.”

The mother with whom she shared space, dying before her words could be shouted from the rooftops. She will never let that hold her back again.

The strength of Khetam is the pulse of the Revolution.

(Source: lettersfromsyria)

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