Mar 9, 2013

Marwa Ghamyan

“I laid my head on my pillow and thought this will be the last night I will sleep in my bed. Tomorrow, I would go out to the protest and probably won’t come back home. I got up and recorded a video for my parents to say good-bye.”

These were Marwa Ghamyan’s last words in her journal the night before she went out to a historical protest in Damascus.

Unfortunately, her prediction was correct- she was detained at this protest and spent months in Assad’s nightmarish prisons experiencing and witnessing atrocious actions such as rape, beatings, starvation, and much more daily.

She was finally released after months of imprisonment and returned to pursuing her dream of living in a free Syria.

This is bravery. This is strength.

This is the Syrian woman.

(Source: lettersfromsyria)

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