Mar 9, 2013

They were the neighbourhood’s most amazing boys

They were generous and gentle. When little kids would come up to them asking for their soccer ball, they would lend it to them, and with big smiles on their faces. When a boy hurt his knee while running with his friends, they would find him help and calm him down.

They were gentlemen, in that they would help the elderly with their load of groceries with no charge, as well as women who could not handle the load. They would help babysit children if parents needed a day out for a social engagement of some sort.

If a young lady was bothered by some guy on the street, they would stand up to the guy and protect the lady from facing any taunts. They would walk children to school whenever their mothers needed someone to protect the children on their way.

They were the two boys who anybody in our neighbourhood would call on if they needed an extra hand.

Today we found out that they died under torture. They were taken from their homes and imprisoned in a basement belonging to the Syrian regime’s secret services.

They died a most horrible death. But in our eyes, they died heroes.

(Source: lettersfromsyria)

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